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ij.start canon allows you to set up your Canon inkjet printer. You can install Canon printer software and updated drivers by visiting ij.start.canon official site and then set up the software. http //ij.start.canon offers online manuals for you to follow the easiest steps of Canon drivers download, installation, and more. On this page, you’ll learn more about ij.start canon and Canon printer setup.   


Why visit ij.start canon?

ij.start canon is the official site offered by Canon printers that help you to download online software directly from ij.start.canon page. Canon printers are the most preferred choice globally, so if you can follow instructions from https //ij.start.canon and set up Canon IJ printer.

Where is the model number on a Canon printer?

Canon printer model number is generally located on top or front of your product. It is used on ij.start canon to install the Canon ij printer setup.

How to setup Canon ij setup through ij.start canon page?

Find out the best method to set up Canon inkjet printer software using ij.start canon and follow to complete the process;

Canon IJ printer setup –

  1. Before you start the process from ij.start.canon, make sure your system and Canon printer to same Wi-Fi or network connection.
  2. Start the first step by launching a web browser on your PC or simply click the Browser icon from your desktop or Taskbar.
  3. Secondly, go to ij.start canon or http //ij.start.canon on a browser like Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Chrome, or other.
  4. Now you are on ij.start.canon page, you’ll see the “Setup” (Start Here) option; therefore, jump to the Setup page.
  5. When asked, enter the Canon printer model number on the shown box to find the online manual for your printer.
  6. Once you submit the model number on ij.start canon site, you’ll see a list of Canon printers; hence, choose one and download Canon drivers.
  7. Next, double-click on the Canon IJ setup and start the installation. If you have a USB cable, connect it to your printer and PC.   

How to setup Canon ij printer wirelessly?

Connect Your Canon inkjet printer to a wireless network and set up through ij.start canon. Here Complete Canon printer wireless set up installation guide is shown; check below and follow;


Canon ij printer Wireless setup complete Guidelines – ij.start.canon

  1. Before taking steps with ij.start canon site, your Canon inkjet printer might need an Ethernet connection to access the network. If requires, then use an Ethernet cable and plug it into your router.
  2. The second step you need to take is for a Wi-Fi connection for Canon Wireless setup, so open your Canon printer and push the Wi-Fi button.
  3. If you are an orange alarm lamp flash, release the printer Wi-Fi button, open the access point, and quickly press the WPS button. 
  4. If blue and green lamps flash, your Canon inkjet printer are connected to Wi-Fi successfully, now follow the Canon drivers download process.
  5. Now, go to ij.start.canon or open https //ij.start.canon link, and then jump to “Setup” option and reach next.
  6. Enter model number; download Canon drivers and software on your device.
  7. Double-click on the software downloaded from ij.start canon and read & agree to the license terms.
  8. When prompts, choose wireless setup and then follow prompts to install Canon Printer setup completely; once done, close the tab.

How to set up a Canon IJ printer via USB?

If you have a USB cable, then set up your Canon ij printer through ij.start canon with the below steps;

  1. If you have already connected the USB to the PC and Canon printer, then disconnect it and follow next.
  2. Open a web browser on your system and go to ij.start.canon or open https //ij.start.canon URL.
  3. Choose the option of set up a network connection via USB and jump next.
  4. Now, download the Canon IJ printer setup from ij.start canon and wait.
  5. Open the Canon ij setup installer file (.dmg or .exe) location and double-click on it.
  6. Follow on-screen instructions to install the Canon software on your device.
  7. Once done from ij.start canon, add your printer type and choose connection via LAN setting.
  8. Finally, take a USB cable and connect Cable’s sides to the PC & Canon printer, then try printing.
ij-start-canon-usb cable

Visit http //ij.start.canon & learn More of Canon inkjet printer: ij.start canon

http //ij.start.canon or ij.start.canon offers multiple benefits that you can receive from a Canon inkjet printer. You can also get Canon printer support from ij.start canon with the direct chat option. If you know your Canon printer model number, then http //ij.start.canon will provide the below benefits;

  • Canon printer software downloads options for PCs.
  • Online manuals for multiple devices and each Canon printer type.
  • Recommended functions that you can get from ij.start canon page.
  • FAQs with quick solutions for common issues.
  • Canon support for Wired and wireless inkjet printers.

How to start your Canon inkjet printer from https //ij.start.canon page?

Follow the below instructions to get started with the Canon IJ printer;

  1. Paste https //ij.start.canon link on web browser or open ij.start.canon webpage.
  2. You’re on the Canon IJ setup page, so jump to the SETUP option.
  3. Download the latest version of Canon IJ printer setup from ij.start canon site.
  4. Install the setup, choose the connection type, and follow the prompts.
  5. If you have a USB cable, connect it and get started with a Canon printer.

In case you encountering any issues, contact Canon support.